Spray Foam Insulation - Lets You Go Green

The unique challenge of our times is conservation. Everything, from public busses to private homes, is feeling the pressure to go green. In some cases, it's easily accomplished. In others, it's not as easy. And in all aspects of life, the focus has shifted to renewable, eco-friendly resources.

They say every little bit helps. Why not do your part to make your home or business more environmentally helpful? By using eco-safe, agriculturally based spray foam insulation, you can.

There are a variety of insulation options but some are much greener than others. If you're concerned with your home using renewable, energy efficient materials, then using a foam insulation spray could be your solution.

In addition to other benefits you get from using a foam insulator in your home or business, the product is also environmentally friendly. It's made up mainly of renewable resources and the means of application is Earth friendly. It is free of ozone depleting components, and the application solution is water based.

Unlike similar petroleum based products, the greener spray foam has the highest oxygen index, and zero fuel contribution. There are few products that can boast such qualities. The properties of the insulation also help to make your home energy efficient.

You can apply this insulation anywhere you need it, around joints, joists, frames and other building support structures and still get a tight seal. You won't get any air pockets or little crevices where air can leak in or out. This sort of air tight sealing ability helps to keep your heating and cooling units working efficiently. Also, it allows you to get a smaller unit because it doesn't have to work so hard. It's been shown to reduce heating and cooling costs by 40%. That's effectiveness you can see.

Not only is spray foam insulation green, it's versatile. It functions well as a barrier to airborne sound and comes with one of the highest fire resistances available in similar products. Pest and rodents won't do any damage because the insulator has no nutritional value to them. It's water resistant, and flexible enough to allow some movement of the building structure. Finally, it produces no toxic vapors after it's applied. You can even rent or buy the equipment and install it yourself.

With concerns about the environment on everyone's minds, it helps that you can find products to help in your conservation efforts. You can get greener cars, recycle your trash and electronics, and buy energy efficient appliances. Why not make your home or business part of the solution? Renewable resources benefit all of us.

The best thing about spray foam insulation is that you can put it anywhere. It doesn't matter if you're starting fresh on your building, or replacing worn out or useless materials. The spray foam can be applied to existing structures with the same effectiveness it has on new structures. If going green is a priority for your house or office, applying spray foam insulation is another way to help your environment.

With concerns for the environment growing daily, it's good to know there are more ways that we can be eco-responsible. For your home or business, you can apply spray foam insulation, renewable and energy efficient product. Visit Apex Foam today to see their foam selection http://www.apexfoam.com

Article Source: EzineArticles