Insulthane 200

Performance-Engineered Insulation

Insulthane 200 is a performance-engineered insulation system. Designed for use in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential (including condominiums and rental apartments) buildings, Insulthane 200 spray foam insulation products are engineered to provide superior thermal insulation and act as an effective air barrier. Insulthane 200 also boasts industry-leading yield requiring less material usage.

Real Energy Savings

Insulthane 200 seals your home to guard against airborne pollutants. With mould, fungi, dust, allergens, pollutants, odours and respiratory irritants restricted from entry, indoor air is easily kept clear, fresh and healthy.

Professional Installation

Insulthane 200 is only installed by experienced professionals. Trained to work safely, using up-to-date, proven techniques and equipment, our experts ensure that you get the most for your money. As it leaves the spray nozzle, Insulthane 200 begins expanding from its liquid state. The expansion process allows Insulthane 200 to completely fill insulation cavities and cover irregular surfaces while bonding to building materials to create an effective air barrier. Air is not able to penetrate the insulation or move around it via gaps and voids. Insulthane 200 even increases the building's structural strength.

Noise Attenuation

The perfect fit also makes Insulthane 200 a potent sound attenuator. Lawnmowers, traffic, aircraft and other exterior noises are significantly reduced. Using Insulthane 200 in interior walls yields excellent control of indoor sound. Isolation of home theatres and workshops is becoming an increasingly common use for Insulthane 200, not to mention climate control for wine cellars.

Virtually Pays for Itself

With air leakage minimized, the demands placed on HVAC equipment is markedly reduced. Smaller, less costly equipment can be utilized and with energy savings often as high as 50%, Insulthane 200 virtually pays for itself over time.

Proline® Plus


Proline® Plus foam insulation are the latest state-of-the-art polyurethane material being used in the construction industry. Approved by the Canadian Construction Material Center (CCMC), Proline® Plus foam insulation are one of the highest quality foams on the market. Professional spray foam insulation provides comfort for your family and protection for your investment. Some of the benefits of installing Proline Plus include:

• Significant Component of Energy Efficiency
• Creates a Healthier, More Comfortable Home
• Made from Recycled & Renewable Resources



Polar Foam Soya


Made from recycled plastics and soya to create an environmentally friendly spray foam insulation. It's an all-in-one wall system that provides a complete air and vapor barrier to keep cold weather and moisture outside where they belong. Some of the advantages to using PolarFoam include:


• Zero Ozone Depletion Substance
• Recycled Plastics
• Vegetable Oil
• Ecological Insulation





Basf Walltite Eco



WALLTITE Eco is a medium density polyurethane foam system that lowers energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It can be used in residential as well as commercial, industrial and institutional applications. The system provides a monolithic surface and exceptional adhesion. There is no air gap between the insulation and the substrate.