Spray Foam Coatings - INSULATION At Spray Foam Coatings we spray open cell and closed cell foam and we take our job and your comfort seriously. As one of the most experienced Spray Foam Insulation installers in the area, we’ve worked hard to build a reputation for honesty and excellence that we stand behind and you can count on. Today we are proud to offer high quality, innovative foam insulation products and services to homeowners, builders and architects. Our goal is for you to be comfortable both in your home or building as well as comfortable with us. Providing Spray Foam Insulation within Ontario, Spray Foam Coatings offers the highest rated insulation for residential homes, commercial and industrial buildings as well as agricultural applications. Used in both new and existing structures to achieve more energy efficiency and comfort.  Spray Foam Coatings provides a high level of service and attention to detail throughout the installation process and afterwards. Let us prove to you how Spray Foam Coatings Spray Foam Insulation can save you money on your heating and cooling bills as well as making your home more comfortable. We are a company that believes in its people and its product! Call us today for a free consultation and estimate on your project. 416-273-7739. or visit www.SprayFoamCoatings.com

Professionally installed spray in place foam insulation expands to fill small cracks and gaps in a building and is more effective at reducing air infiltration than standard insulation products. Because it is able to seal off more drafts wherever it is applied, spray foam insulation is able to help keep out more unwanted heat, cold, moisture, dust, noise, and pests than standard insulation. Spray Foam Coatings Ltd. uses only the highest quality spray foam insulation.

• Excellent R-Value
• Contains No VOC’s
• Contains No Formaldehyde
• Reduces Sound Transmission
• Higher home resale value
• Spray Foam is good for the environment
• Maintains Stable R-value Over Time
• Keeps dust and pollen out
Saves Money and Pays for Itself

• Reduces Air Infiltration
• Improved indoor air quality
• Increased comfort, draft-free, moisture management
• Consistently Outperforms Fiberglass & Cellulose
• Adds strength to the building structure
Doesn’t Shrink, Sag, or Settle
• Saves on energy costs
Reduces capacity requirements, maintenance and wear      of HVAC equipment



Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging provides a side-by-side comparison of exterior wall temperatures of a fiber-insulated home (right) and a foam-insulated home (left). The images, captured with the same thermal scale, show the equivalent exterior wall on two of the two-story homes. The brighter areas of the fiber-insulated home indicate higher temperatures that reveal heat is escaping from the home, which in turn translates to higher heating bills. The relatively dark, or cool, image of the foam-insulated home indicate that heat is being kept in the home, which reduces the extent of heating.

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Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 10.05.44 PM.png